George "gt"Stergiou
Living in a big city like London, with its countless parks, fascinating architecture and secret corners, makes it hard not to want to seize every single moment and detail of it.

Born in Ioannina, Greece, I am a professional musician who discovered
photography almost by accident. In 2017 I bought 3 DSLRs to create instructional video content for guitar. Soon after that I ventured out into London, spending one night using the camera to explore the city - out of my hundreds of shots, only one was any good. But that one good shot was enough - that click was the moment I fell in love with photography. 

Since I first picked up that camera, the way I see the world has changed. What started as a hobby has now become a profession. My career as a musician continues, after all I have spent my life in the music industry and, until buying that first Canon 750d, I had known nothing else. But what fascinates me about photography are the possibilities that it creates - what can be captured in a single moment, by seizing that moment. 

My love of the camera led me to study the techniques of some of the best photographers out there like Serge Ramelli, Scott Kelby, Unmesh Dinda and Matt Kloskowski to name a few. In 2019 I won two prestigious competitions: The Samyang Spring competition and Kelbyone Photo of the Year competition. This gave me a massive push to get out there, shoot more and improve my photography. 

These days I run photowalks, do portraits, bandshots, live concerts and also teach other budding photographers. I spend my downtime by grabbing the camera and hunting the light to discover a beautiful cityscape or landscape shot. I have also expanded into photographing wildlife. Follow me on social media to see more of my content.